Isidro Otis, President

Isidro Otis’ tenure as president of The Clyde Otis Music Group started in 1986, following Isidro’s graduation from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelors degree in business management. Isidro worked alongside his father, legendary songwriter, producer and A & R director, Clyde Otis for several years. But when his father suffered from a prolonged illness, Isidro was made the acting president of the company.

Isidro stood and met the immense challenges that were presented to him and wasted no time at all growing TCOMG to the business that it is today. From securing administration deals with numerous songwriters and producers, to negotiating licensing agreements in new technology—Isidro has been able to increase the business revenue by more than one thousand percent since he was made the president of the company.

Isidro successfully has secured and administered more than six thousand copyrights to-date. He currently oversees more than a hundred songs in the TCOMG catalog—which have generated over a million performances on radio. He has effectively created contacts with multinational corporations and placed agreements for copyrights in over twelve foreign territories, while calculating and distributing royalties for writers signed to his roster. His overall responsibilities include scouting and finding new talent to sign, aggressively negotiating licensing agreements, coordinating litigation and support, registering songs with all of the performing rights societies, and securing cover recordings as well as song placements in radio, film, television and commercials.

Isidro is a member in good standing in The New York Friars Club and has served on The Board of Governors for the club. The Association of Independent Music Publishers, Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI), and ASCAP. He is also currently the President of The Clyde Otis Music Group; 1986-present. Isidro enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, Dawn Marie Montgomery-Otis, and their two children, Lourdes “Sydney” Otis, and Lauren Otis. When he is not hard at work, or spending quality time with his family, Isidro enjoys playing golf and pool, and is currently The Friars Club ‘Nine-Ball Champion.’