We offer a variety of services that are geared towards the success of the talent on our roster. These services include, but are not limited to, licensing, promotion of catalogs and catalog administration.

The worldwide registration of the songs and their licensing—this includes revenue collection from licensing, assuring that songs are used with expressed granted permissions and promotion of the licensed songs through the appropriate channels in order to generate a synchronization income.

Promotion of Catalogs:
The promotion of catalogs, with a specific focus on the generation of synchronization income through established relationships that we hold within the film and the television, and the entertainment community, in addition to our established relationships with various other music entities, such as A&R directors, producers and others.

Catalog Administration:
The maintenance of the catalogs and their usages, assuring that they are maintained and promoted effectively to ensure that they are generating substantial synchronization income on a regular basis for our roster.

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