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TCOMG has over fifty years of experience and knowledge licensing compositions. Whether a situation requires a mechanical, synchronization or digital license, TCOMG has the experience, the wherewithal, and the industry connections in order to handle it appropriately. At TCOMG, we have over fifty years of experience in the music industry, and over the past five decades we have developed numerous reliable contacts within the upper echelon of the music industry. This broad range of established contacts with current industry leaders, allows for us to pursue maximized exposure of the songs within our catalog.

We make sure that all of the songs in our catalog are properly licensed according to industry standards. Our licensing services are inclusive of revenue monitoring and collections from licensing. We do our best to assure that any of the songs in our catalog are only used with the expressed and granted permissions, and that they have gone through the proper channels.

TCOMG is at the forefront of licensing compositions, for both new and emerging technologies. Whatever your licensing needs are, we are proud to offer a wide range and variety of music in our catalog, spanning many different genres. Click Here to See our Entire Catalog. The songs in our catalog are ideal for placement in television, movies, video games, digital media, CD and DVD, handheld devices (i.e., cell phones, palm pilots, etc.), websites and other all other forms of digital mediums.

Our friendly and courteous staff of seasoned and vetted industry professionals is always happy and willing to assist you in finding the ideal music for your venture. We can review your project, approve and issue the licenses or special arrangements that are necessary so that you can acquire the digital musical medium that you desire for your undertakings.

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