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We offer catalog administration and management services. This is inclusive of the maintenance of the catalogs and their usages, distributions, and placements, assuring that they are properly registered, maintained and promoted effectively to ensure that they are generating income on a regular basis for our roster of clients. By utilizing our extensive industry relationships, we are able to give surety that the catalogs of music that we manage make it into the right hands for possible placement opportunities, and that they will mature and continue to grow in value over time.

We pride ourselves on the pledge to carefully monitor and maintain all catalogs in our roster. By utilizing our vast network of industry resources, and always making certain that we dot every I and cross every T, we are able to continuously deliver solid results for our clients. TCOMG is constantly monitoring the distribution and administration of mechanical and synchronization incomes from our catalogs, so that our clients are able to enjoy the benefits of an accurate and reliable stable income from their music.

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